Every Dream starts with a Dreamer

Photo: Miguel Dias Ferreira Photography

My Name is Jessica, my friends call me Jessi. I was born and raised in the south of Germany.  From the age of 16 I worked behind a computer desk in a huge electrical company. Feeling like another number I was extremely unfulfilled in the work I was producing; despite making long lasting friendships and learning incredible skills. One day in 2012 through the encouragement of a friend and my family I quit my job, sold all my belongings and took a giant leap into the unknown, heading one way to South East Asia.

Since then, I am on the path of personal development and walk through this beautiful thing called "life" with an open heart and mind.


I was taught how to make dream catchers through a dear friend in New Zealand and it saved me. I was about to head back to Germany for the first time in 2 years and I was terrified. I found a meditative quality in creating the dream catchers, and instead of tanning on the beach I picked every beautiful shell I could to make more. It gave me a solace that allowed me to continue my journey without the fear of what would come.

Now lets talk about Dreamtreasures:
A dream catchers purpose is to catch negative dreams allowing you to channel positive or possibility dreams all of course happening while you are sleeping. Each dream catcher is also a personal and unique treasure with a purpose and meaning only the individual can create. A physical mantra. The beauty of my Dreamtreasures is they only exists once, made to aid and protect you on your unique path. Each Dreamtreasure is made from most likely natural materials and could never be replicated. If you are interested in designing your own please send me a message and we can create the perfect catcher for you together. My vision with Dreamtreasures is to get people more in touch with nature and themselves; involved in community and most importantly giving people the power to manifest their own happiness.

What you Need to know

  • Your Dreamcatcher is handcrafted with love
  • My feathers are hand collected from all over the world
  • It is not only a Dreamcatcher it is your Guide, your Mantra!

How does it Work?

  1. Get in touch with me
  2. Tell me "the look"
  3. Give it your personal "message"
  4. Receive your order worldwide
  5. Pay what you want!